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4 Tips For A Unique Personal Brand

You must have heard of personal branding and its importance. But do you know that having a unique personal brand can help you thrive in your career? Here are the 4 tips to have a unique personal brand that can help you grow exponentially. BE YOURSELF – The first and foremost rule to have a […]

Establish Your Personal Brand On Social Media with These 4 Simple Tips

Social media is primarily associated with entertainment and casual browsing. Still, it is one of the most powerful tools for personal branding. Social media platforms are now used as a vetting tool and play an important role when it comes to establishing your personal brand to create a positive impression. You can use these platforms […]

Ways To Find Your Personal Brand Unique Selling Proposition

Before you complete the whole picture of your personal brand, you have to outline your value proposition first. What is your unique selling point? What makes you a rare gem in a mine full of unformed diamonds? You can look at the brand of Apple. It’s understated elegance. It’s exquisite, but it doesn’t hurt your […]

What makes up a good brand name?

It’s one of the greatest decisions that a business owner has to make: what should you name your brand? And there are many factors to analyse. Should your brand name consist of a catchy word pairing, following in the footsteps of Facebook and JetBlue? Should you form a completely new word, Skype and Pepsi? Or should you […]

Personal Branding Strategies During Covid-19

Ever since the corona outbreak, a significant change can be seen around the world. Needless to say, this too shall pass, and we will come of this situation safer, better, and stronger. However, we all need to stay strong and prepare ourselves to be better in all aspects of our lives. PAUSEIt’s no secret that […]

Tips To Boost Brand Engagement Through Email

Even though there are many ways to connect with the customers; however, email remains one of the most engaging promotional mediums. Email is a great way to grab the attention of both prospective and existing partners, customers, and clients. Here are some of the ways to boost brand engagement through email:  Have an effective email […]

5 Best Tips to Increase Brand Engagement on Social Media

Having your presence on social media platforms or handles is not just enough. You need to generate engagement and activity, which could be challenging at times. However, using the right methods, you can easily prompt both sharing and reach. If you are also looking for ways to increase your brand’s engagement on social media? If […]

Why brands using incorrect spelling is not real creativity

Using wrong spellings for naming a brand is a widely accepted trend today. Most brands, like Flipkart, Fcuk, Quickr, etc., have used incorrect spellings to name their brands. Of course, there are reasons to do the same. The primary reason behind using wrong spelling is that you cannot trademark a word that already exists in […]

Personal Branding Tips For Sportsperson

Personal branding is not just about showing the best version of yourself, but also the truest version by sharing the content that is authentic and relatable for the people. For any athlete or sportsman, personal branding plays an important role to be in touch with your fans and followers and also to maintain a healthy […]

Personal Branding Statement Examples

For personal branding one has to consider several aspects, which leads to strong successful branding. However, the most important amongst all those aspects is the brand statement.  When we talk about personal branding, a lot needs to be done to build a strong personal brand. And the most important aspect of building a personal brand […]

Brand Planning and Brand Value Go Hand In Hand

A long-established brand, many battles to achieve it and some attain it, however, behind it all are hours and hours of planning. A great brand does not come up overnight but is resultant of extensive thoughtfulness in the whole process. Be it the toddler footsteps of a brand or the overall growth, the backbone of […]