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World Top Designers and Their Personal Brands

Designers are those who don’t only design clothes as they also design dreams. These are the world top 10 designers whose personal brand made them the best designers in the world: Valentino Garavani –He’s known as the founder of Valentino Spa. He’s an incredible living legend and an Italian designer who is known for designing […]

What is Personal Branding

Personal branding is a powerful and effective series of strategies that can transform how the public perceives you. If correctly applied, it can redefine your identity and make you more appealing. It can maximize your potential in order to attract new attention. Personal Branding opens doors for you and creates an enduring impact on the […]

What is Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the way toward situating your brand in the soul of your customers. Brand positioning is also referred to as a positioning procedure, brand technique, or a brand situating explanation. The thought behind brand positioning is to recognize and try to “possess” a marketing role for a brand, item, or management by utilizing […]

Create The Content For Humans

SEO may be scary and confusing, but it does not have to be. There is only one rule that will keep your website ranking well without lots of expense and confusing terminology. However, the most significant rule is to write content for humans and not for the search engines. Humans are the ones who search for […]

Why Trademark Is Essential For Every Brand?

Trademarks are the heart of every brand, and these are the most valuable assets of a brand. A brand’s trademark (logo) is the principal means by which the company can distinguish its services or goods from those of its competitors, build up brand loyalty among consumers, and develop its own incomparable brand image. However, according […]

Personal Branding – 2017 Global Workplace Trends

What Sodexo Workplace Trends will top the list in 2017?  Please read what I shared about Personal Branding and Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Fortune 500 Company Sodexo Group. You could make the case that personal branding is an age-old construct, but its modern iteration was born alongside blogs and social media, platforms that have evolved into […]

Genuine Leather No More Sounds Luxury

Because of the increased demand from different animal protection groups, the world of fashion is making major progress away from leather, fur, and down to endangered skins. There are remarkable gains in creating new vegan materials. Adopting a plant-based lifestyle is now on the rise, and people consider the best creative alternatives to animal-derived materials. It’s […]

What is Brand Identity

Brand Identity is one of the most crucial thing for your brand! It’s the one thing that builds your brand and helps customers remember it all the time. Brand Identity is the information that makes your brand pop up in the customer’s mind whenever they think about something related to your products or services. For […]

Importance of Brand Engagement

DEFINITION OF BRAND ENGAGEMENT Brand engagement is an essential strategy to connect with your customers through rational and emotional communication. When brands go beyond showing their products and services, they engage with people through interactive marketing, storytelling and holistic experiences. They put their hearts out by sharing their brand philosophy and organizing events that allow […]

Other Brands Should Learn from Body Shop

In today’s ever-growing green marketplace, a brand’s inherent value no longer depends solely on the quality or innovation of its products. Now, more than ever, social and environmental responsibility is a quintessential component of a brand’s valuation to consumers, and one brand, in particular, stands out among the rest in the cosmetics industry. The Body […]

Branding Is All About Brand Awareness & Brand Engagement

Branding goes far beyond just the logo or graphic concept of your brand. Branding is your introduction to the world; branding strategies must increase brand awareness and boost engagement. Branding is how customers will perceive you. It is the difference between quick identification and selecting to go with you, or of course, your competition. Whether […]

How to Handle Phone Interview

Probably one of the biggest challenges that job searchers face is handling a phone interview. In my experience, most professionals take phone interviews for granted. They schedule them right alongside any other scheduled work; this is a big mistake. You should put just as much preparation time into a phone interview as you would for […]