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Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding is a powerful and effective series of strategies that can transform how the public perceives you. If correctly applied, it can redefine your identity and make you more appealing. It can maximize your potential in order to attract new attention. Personal Branding opens doors for you and creates an enduring impact on the […]

Why Every Employee Needs Personal Branding

Why should I have to build my personal brand, I’m pretty much on top and things are definitely going my way? This is one question you will often hear from employed people, especially those who hold top positions from top companies. While it may keep you wondering, but you have to remember that life is […]

Personal Brand Assessment: Questions To Ask Yourself Today

As a bit of my background, I work on many brands for a living. In my part as the owner of a PR & Branding company, I have worked with lots of clients on branding matters over the course of years to assess, bolster or make the brand for their service, products, cause or firm. […]

Personal Branding in the 21st Century

With the introduction and popularity of the internet, the way we live, communicate, and do business has changed completely, in a good way! This new era of modern technology has made it extremely easy for anyone to start a personal brand that will attract a large authentic audience of particular interest. Take a look at […]

The History of Personal Branding

The personal branding is as old as humanity, as human beings always had the desire to highlight their abilities and achievements. Personal branding focuses on “self-packaging,” where success is defined by individuals’ inner sets of skills, motivations, and interests and it is about both self-promotion and authentic self-expression. A lot of people believe Tom Peters […]