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Brand Awareness Meaning, Importance & Benefits

What Is Brand Awareness? Brand awareness refers to how familiar your potential customers are with your business. This may mean recalling a slogan, catchphrase, tagline, color, or simply remembering your name which is associated with a certain service or product line. Having great brand awareness sparks and builds positive feelings about your business and upcoming […]

Focus on Brand Awareness and Increase Your Conversion Rate

Converting researcher mindset customers into potential buyers in the technology-driven world is not very easy. Most companies struggle to get high conversions; they do everything, from digital marketing to branding and promotion to stand out amidst competitors. However, if growing conversions is your goal, then brand awareness is the way out. Yes, before making a […]

Hashtags Can Help Authors Improve Their Book And Personal Brand Awareness

Massive data is posted to a social media platform every day. And Hashtags make it easier for the networks to sort the data and classify it accordingly. For instance, if you want to search for a topic on Twitter or Instagram, hashtags will make your search easier. Authors/writers using hashtags increase their search visibility and […]

What if there is no Brand Awareness?

If your business is not known to the people, then you really need to know if you are really doing a business… Yes, people who think that brand awareness is not important for a business and the ones who believe that the target audience is more important than anything. Then my question to them is […]