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3 Tips for Improving Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is the route to every important business goal. It’s the pathway to everything good that a business could want: Customer loyalty Customer purchases Customer-based profits Customer ambassadorship for your brand HERE ARE 3 SIMPLE TIPS FOR IMPROVING BRAND ENGAGEMENT 1. FOCUS ON THE OVERALL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEThe first and foremost tip is to focus […]

What makes up a good brand name?

It’s one of the greatest decisions that a business owner has to make: what should you name your brand? And there are many factors to analyse. Should your brand name consist of a catchy word pairing, following in the footsteps of Facebook and JetBlue? Should you form a completely new word, Skype and Pepsi? Or should you […]

Tips To Boost Brand Engagement Through Email

Even though there are many ways to connect with the customers; however, email remains one of the most engaging promotional mediums. Email is a great way to grab the attention of both prospective and existing partners, customers, and clients. Here are some of the ways to boost brand engagement through email:  Have an effective email […]

5 Best Tips to Increase Brand Engagement on Social Media

Having your presence on social media platforms or handles is not just enough. You need to generate engagement and activity, which could be challenging at times. However, using the right methods, you can easily prompt both sharing and reach. If you are also looking for ways to increase your brand’s engagement on social media? If […]

Personal Branding and Brand Engagement Go Hand in Hand

Establishing yourself amid the various competitors is easier said than done. Even though you may know what your strong points are, and which factors make you unique, you need to go a step further – that of getting this across to the audience. Be it a brand, a celebrity, a politician, or a manager – […]