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85% of people think Indian women are changing the image of the brand India

Losing and winning is part of the game. From the start of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Indian teams, especially the Indian women team and sportspersons, are trending on social media for all good reasons. Unfortunately, international media have always showcased the condition of women in India as a suffering section of the society; India is […]

Personal Branding Is For Everyone

No matter what you do and who you are, employed or self-employed, old or young, your personal brand matters. Personal branding is for everyone; every individual in this world needs a correct positioning to be seen and heard by their target audience. Think of it this way – why does a business want to establish […]

Everyone needs to build their personal brand

Personal branding techniques when applied rightly have the power to fly your profession and personal life into higher levels of growth and profit. Building a brand identity and creating brand recognition is a great concept that must be given your direct and diligent attention. Your personal brand is the overall representation that other people perceive […]

Ways To Find Your Personal Brand Unique Selling Proposition

Before you complete the whole picture of your personal brand, you have to outline your value proposition first. What is your unique selling point? What makes you a rare gem in a mine full of unformed diamonds? You can look at the brand of Apple. It’s understated elegance. It’s exquisite, but it doesn’t hurt your […]

World’s Strongest Personal Brands on Instagram (2020)

Here is the list of top 5 strongest and highest-paid personal brands on Instagram. No. 5 Selena Gomez Last but not least, at number fifth we have the actress and singer-songwriter, Selena Gomez. She makes a little less than $900,000 for every sponsored Instagram post. She is the founder of ‘Rare Beauty’, a makeup brand […]