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Three Strongest Afghani Personal brands

We are all aware of Afghanistan’s current circumstances, and in the midst of the chaos, few others are standing steadfast and speaking out against the Taliban’s activities.  I’ve compiled a list of the three most potent Afghani personal brands. You’ll be astonished to learn that they’re all women. Let’s take a deeper look at each […]

Lockdown Day 5

Lockdown may seem like a tough time, but actually it can turn out to be the most rewarding. By spending time alone, you can learn more about your true self and how to work toward ultimate happiness. This is the most excellent time to: Set up new goals and see how to achieve them Notice […]

Lockdown Day 4

COVID-19 lockdown proved to be a boon for nature, despite the mayhem the lockdown has resulted in controlling the pollution levels. Some scientists have suggested that the number of early deaths avoided due to cleaner air. I wish every one feels the difference between polluted and fresh air and takes these basic steps to keep […]

Lockdown Day 3

As this global pandemic is destroying our work, we need to start analyzing the possibilities to prepare ourselves for the future. One of the best ways of becoming future-ready is personal branding. The first step you can take is by planning your networking strategy on social media; basically, you need to focus on being visible […]

Lockdown Day 2

In just two days, people have started to feel frustrated about being inside their homes. They feel caged, isn’t it surprising. Because we are the same people who love to cage them for our entertainment, kill them for satisfying our taste buds, and we are the people who use animals for leather. Really, on what […]

Lockdown Day 1

Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live and changing the way you live. You do this by giving yourself time. We know this lockdown is not going to be easy, so accept reality and try new creative things. Every day I will share my ideas/thoughts with you to let you know what […]

International Women’s Day 2020

“Strong back.  Soft front. Wild heart. Just be you.” – Brene Brown Out of nowhere, I got this picture. And the first thought that came in my mind is – What a splendid surprise it is, especially because I got it on the very right day! I believe no other day could be better than […]