Gulati can help businesses of every size to build or repair their brand. His offerings are designed for all level of small businesses and large companies: Fashion Houses, Law Firm, Designer Studio, Architecture Firm, Banking, Service Provider, Showroom, Manufacturer, Art Studio, Music Studio, Hospitality, Aviation, Salon, Retail Store, Clinic and Hospital etc. And all types from established businesses to start-Ups and offline to online.

Gulati can help you start a new business, or improve your existing business, offer you guidance and provide ongoing support, tailored to the needs of each client! He builds brands and gives them an interactive expression, how brands think, feel, looks, engage and communicate across all touch points, and make it a pleasure for the target audience.

Brand visibility and recognition are crucial to any business’s growth and success. From restaurants to law firms, salons to retail: if you’re not thriving, you’re just barely surviving. Luckily, building the right business brand can boost visibility, solidify recognition, and position you as an industry leader! Gulati’s integrated guide to brand building tackles every aspect of your business. Whether that’s finding a physical location for your business, building an online presence, or innovating products and services to ensure your brand thrives in a competitive market, your brand will benefit from Gulati’s expertise.

So what is the Business Brand Building? The name says it all!

This service helps you transform your ideas into reality-taking your brand from concept to profitable business.

Whether you’re a launching a startup or breathing new life into your old business, this unique brand building package will address your business’s unique needs.

Gulati’s services are transformational, combining the most effective aspects of consulting, strategic solutions, and coaching to create a truly unique branding building package. His hybrid solution integrates strategy, technology, and experience. Gulati’s approach to business brand building goes deeper than logos and social media platforms; his hands on work improves brand memorability, drives customer engagement, and showcases a premium image to a global audience. He works across all business sectors, ensuring lifetime growth.

Phases of Gulati’s Brand Building Process


Every business brand building process goes through a phase of discovery. The process starts off by understanding your vision, mission, uniqueness and target markets, based on this process of evaluation and exploration we will then establish a brand building strategies.



This phase involves both systematic examination and strategic imagination. It is about analysis, discovery, creation, simplicity and clarity. This is the blend of rational thinking, and creative intelligence characterizes the most exceptional strategies which go where others have not.



This phase is the key to your new brand definition or evolution. This is the creative stage of expressing your business, build strategic brand framework (values, uniqueness’s, differentiation vision and structural design) to drive communications, behaviours and positioning.



Shout it out! This is when we start to put what we have worked on into action. We shall start implementing the strategy and deliver all brand assets and structures on various platforms so as to get your brand out there!

Increase your sales, multiply your profits without risk. Let’s talk!

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