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Benefits of Brand Engagement

Nowadays, it´s not enough to think only about selling a product, you need to establish a connection between brand and consumers, that´s were brand engagement walks in. We don´t only seek people that buy a brand, or even people that like buying a brand, but you know that brand engagement works when you see people defending a brand. Trust, connection, and commitment are the foundations of brand engagement.

Trust in brand engagement

The more reliable you seem to your clients, the safer they will feel. This can be used in marketing but also in macroeconomics; if a country is not reliable on paying debts, the loaners are going to stop giving them money. If you feel secure using a specific brand, that means that your product has made a connection with the clients, which is definitely going to help you improve your reputation, a main aspect in marketing.


Developing a brand means developing a personality for your product: that´s why people tend to relate Adidas with sports and quality and Converse with elegance and fashion, or that they relate Samsung with functionality and Apple with style. The consumers define a brand through emotions, not logic or reason, that´s why the bond is so close we have Pepsi consumers defending it and saying why it is better than Coke. These are known as Touchpoints.


Establishing a community for your brand is no easy task, but once you´ve proven to your costumers that you´re a safe bet, and that you´re able to reach out an audience but also make an individual connection with your clients, you´ll create a loyal community that will defend you and will talk about your brand with their friends. You will have accomplished to make your clients feel part of something bigger, something that goes beyond themselves but yet they feel they belong only with you. This hunch feeling of belonging is the result of brand engagement.

To wrap up, we live in a modern world that seems to get wider every day, in which people can relate with each other even if they live miles away, this is new for everyone, including the marketing industry. Now, selling is not enough, you need to have people talking about you, your brand needs to become a trend instead of a simple product, and that is something brand engagement can provide.


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