Personal Branding

Get the recognition your expertise deserves

It’s a common misconception that personal branding is something for the youths, executives 0r celebrities only. Personal Branding is for people of all ages and industries; Artist, Architect, Author, CEO, Manager, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Model, Designer, Lawyer, Consultant, Politician and everyone from established Individual to fresher and professional to self-employed. 

Every successful modern career is build on the common blocks of visibility, recognition, and professional positioning. Whether you’re a struggling artist or a CEO, the right personal branding establishes you as an industry leader, and help you stand apart from the competition.

Why you need a personal brand?

Gaurav Gulati help ambitious individuals to build head turning brand, he understands that in an increasingly visual world, image is integral to success. He’s designed his comprehensive branding services to ensure that your uniqueness’s and expertise stay in the spotlight, in both digital and professional world.

Gulati’s innovated superior hybrid solution is created around you and your goals that does more than pad your resume or handle your social media.

Furthermore, his revolutionary strategies are designed to grow and adapt over your brand’s lifetime, ensuring continuous brand engagement as your brand expands.

Gulati offers the world’s first of its kind hybrid solution, blending elements of techniques, brand strategies, technology, consulting, coaching and positioning to ensure your success that can truly deliver great results and surpass your expectations.


Discover and grow your authentic personal brand

Uncovers your professional purpose

Boosts credibility, familiarity and extensions

Grows your network and networking opportunities


Attract new opportunities and generate wealth

Keeps you motivated and confident

Increase engagement with your target audience

More trust, celebrity image and premium price


Effectively network through a vivid global presence

Enables you to achieve your dreams

Increase your supporters, followers and fan base

Increase memorability and brand loyalty

Phases of G’s Personal Branding Process

1. Discover

Every personal branding process goes through a phase of discovery. The process starts off by understanding your vision, mission, uniqueness and target markets, based on this process of evaluation and discovery we will then establish a personal brand building strategies.


2. Strategy

This phase involves both methodical examination and strategic imagination. It is about analysis, discovery, creation, simplicity and clarity. This is basically the blend of rational thinking and creative intelligence characterizes the finest strategies, which go where others have not.


3. Concept

This phase is the key to your new brand definition or evolution. This is the creative stage of expressing your personality, business and positioning. Build strategic brand framework (values, personality, differentiation vision and structural design) to drive communications, behaviours and positioning.


4. Execution 

Shout it out! This is when we start to put what we have worked on into action. We shall start implementing the strategy and deliver all brand assets and structures on various platforms so as to get your brand out there!

Interested to learn how personal branding can leverage your life and maximize your potential! Let’s talk!

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