Interview Questions for Career Coach 

Career coaches are specialists in skills such as career preparation, resume construction, negotiation, and interviewing. If you are a career coach looking to prepare yourself for media interviews like vlogs, blogs or TV/Magazine interviews, below is the list of questions that can be asked during the interview.

  1. How do you define the work of a career coach?
  2. Do you think this profession is not as easy as it sounds?
  3. How did your journey start?
  4. Can you talk about how ego can get in the way of effective coaching?
  5. According to you, what are the qualities that a coach needs to be successful?
  6. What major challenges did you face in your life?
  7. How did you manage those challenges?
  8. What is your daily routine?
  9. Do you wake up early or late?
  10. Three things without which you can’t live.
  11. Who is the one person whom you love the most?
  12. How can we identify what career would work best for us?
  13. Is there any change that you want to bring to this profession?
  14. Can you tell us some of the best tips to grow our career?
  15. How hard it is to survive in this field?
  16. Do you think anyone can become a career coach?
  17. According to you, what is the responsibility of a career guide?
  18. Which method do you prefer you convince students?
  19. Do you think it is tough to tackle students?
  20. Is there a specific type of person who is able to change compared to someone who cannot?
  21. People get very overwhelmed when applying for jobs, and many end up applying for a whole set of jobs. Do you think, mass applying for jobs will help one to find the perfect job?
  22. How do you convince their parents?
  23. What is the number one thing employers look for in a candidate during an interview?
  24. According to you, what qualities a career coach must have in them?
  25. What is your advice for the upcoming generation?
  26. What are some of the tricks to present a good resume and confident stature during an interview?
  27. How can one become a career coach?
  28. Do you agree it is an arduous task to convince students?
  29. How do you spend your leisure time?
  30. If one of my clients had two minutes with you, what questions should they ask?
  31. Tell me about a time when you had a task to complete with a tight deadline.
  32. Name three books that are your all-time favourite.
  33. What do people struggle most with when they come to you for interview help?
  34. Who is your favourite author?
  35. Do you see a link between managing and coaching?
  36. Which book would you suggest to budding career coaches?
  37. According to you, what kind of mindset and strategy is required for this role?
  38. What is the biggest challenge you foresee in this profession?
  39. Do you like to watch movies?
  40. Tell me about the most difficult project you’ve tackled.
  41. Which is the last movie you watched?
  42. What do you do when a team member drops the ball, and doesn’t complete their work?
  43. Who is your favourite celebrity?
  44. What types of people have you come across?
  45. Do you like to watch inspirational movies?
  46. What’s the most efficient and logical answer to, ‘why should we hire you?’
  47. How do you stay motivated?
  48. What role social media plays for career coaches?
  49. Being a successful career coach, how do you feel now?
  50. How many pages should a good resume have?
  51. Are you satisfied with your achievements or do you still want to achieve more?
  52. Do you remember a time when you had to face failure and learn a lesson?
  53. Share with us your greatest achievement.
  54. How do you encourage your clients?
  55. According to you, how important it is in today’s time to have a career coach?
  56. Do you think having a career coach benefits more than those who haven’t?
  57. Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond what was asked of you.
  58. How do you seek to balance work and home life?
  59. According to you, what is the key to success when communicating with the public?
  60. What’s the best answer for, ‘where do you find yourself in the next 5 years?’
  61. What are the new fields that students can pursue?
  62. Do you think an aptitude test is important before selecting a particular career?
  63. How do you give counselling?
  64. How important counselling is according to you?
  65. What do you advise to choose – career or passion?
  66. Do you think it is easy to choose between a career and passion?
  67. What is the most challenging aspect of keeping accurate students records?
  68. Share an experience in which you successfully shared a difficult piece of information.
  69. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?
  70. What’s the best answer to, ‘how much do you want to get paid?’
  71. How do you keep yourself up to date?
  72. What makes interview coaching better than researching online and figuring it out yourself?
  73. Tell me about a time when you had to manage deadlines.
  74. How do you handle setting goals?  Can you give me an example?
  75. What is the biggest obstacle to creating this kind of organization?
  76. How does that translate into winning teams?
  77. Can you tell me about a time when things didn’t work out well?
  78. Tell me about your client management experience.
  79. How have you handled uncertainty and change in the past?
  80. What do you do when you feel low?
  81. Tell us 3 things that an aspiring career coach must do.
  82. Your favourite place for vacation.
  83. After working with over 500 job seekers, I bet you’ve had a ton of great stories. Can you share some of your favorite success stories?
  84. Do you get enough time to spend with family?
  85. How do you ensure that clients are adequately prepared for job interviews?
  86. How would you assist a client who was uncertain about his or her chosen career path
  87. How do you deal with a client who was unable to handle constructive criticism?
  88. How do you push a client out of their comfort zone?
  89. Which aptitude tests do you often use?
  90. How would you guide someone who felt constrained by their family’s wishes?
  91. What would you do to assist a student who had failed important classes?
  92. How would you assist an established individual wishing to switch professions?
  93. How important listening skills are for a career coach?
  94. What methods do you use to evaluate and analyze students’ assessments?
  95. Was there any moment when you went above and beyond the call of duty?
  96. How do you handle an interaction with a difficult student?
  97. How do you develop yourself and continue to grow?
  98. Tell me about your greatest professional failure. How did you turn things around?
  99. Do you think it is easy to maintain a positive relationship with students?
  100. Why do you think there is so much need for career coaches these days?
  101. Do you think many people are choosing this profession because it looks cool?
  102. What is the one change you want to bring to this profession?
  103. Do you think this profession will escalate in the coming days?
  104. How much time do you spend with yourself, from your busy schedule?
  105. Is it okay if a person wants to change his/her career and make a fresh start?
  106. What advice you would like to give to the students who are still confused about what to choose?
  107. Tell me about a time when you solved an important problem in the workplace.
  108. Why have you found interview coaching to be rewarding?
  109. What is replacing the old approach?
  110. Where in a professional’s career is interview coaching most helpful?
  111. Any essential interviewing tips readers need to know?
  112. Any final interviewing advice you’d like to leave job seekers with?