I, place a major emphasis on maintaining confidentiality of Client information and Information Security Management. The following are key features of our Confidentiality Agreement, applicable to all our clients.
i) I do not disclose any information pertaining to my Clients to any third parties.
ii) I do not use our Clients identity or Clients brand for my marketing purposes, without their written consent.
iii) I never provide my Client’s name or Client’s information to other prospective clients for marketing purposes.
iv) I do not sell or disclose my Client list or Client Information to third parties.

How much does GULATI programs cost?

Gulati programs are 100% client tailored and customized, and pricing can only be figured out after initial consultation. Unlike the other consultants out there, he offers Free No Obligation Consultation, to discuss and understand your needs and wants.

Is Confidentiality Guaranteed?

Yes, providing complete confidentiality to all clients is guaranteed. Your name or reference will never be used to influence market or promote this or other service in any form. Your Confidentiality is 101% Guaranteed.

How 45 days are calculated?

45 Day Personal Branding program is calculated from day the programs get implemented not from the day of signing the contract. Although the work get started on day of signing the contract but still planning and strategy formulation can take few days to few weeks, but during all this process we are always in touch with you, as many decisions needs your involvement and approval.