Has the Sneha Dubey episode affected Anjana Om Kashyap image? 69.4% of people think…

Anjana Om Kashyap, Aaj Tak reporter, was back in the news after being abruptly shown the door by star diplomat Sneha Dubey and all this happened when Chitra Tripathi announced a big interview on Aaj Tak LIVE show.

Sneha Dubey is India’s UN First Secretary, and she recently made headlines for her fiery speech against Pakistan, and Prime Minister Imran Khan that went viral on the internet.

Anjana Om Kashyap entered Dubey’s office to interview her and began asking her questions about her address. “I know you don’t want to speak on the record, but if you can…the entire country wants to hear you speak. What you did today at the UN may appear to be routine work, but it is a huge deal for the country,” she can be heard saying.

Dubey responded that she had nothing else to say and said, “I already said what I had to say…please,” while clearly uncomfortable.

I decided to hold a personal brand poll on the same and asked people for their opinion on whether the “Sneha Dubey incident negatively affected Anjana Om Kashyap’s image or not?”

Yes, according to 69.4% of respondents, the Dubey incident has harmed Kashyap’s image. Although 30.4% of people say no, it hasn’t. Well, different people have different perspectives on this. Even though some Twitter users believe Dubey’s privacy was violated, they applauded her for politely asking Om Kashyap to leave.

Even such small events sometimes have a big impact on your personal brand. Somehow I feel Anjana should never have gone there in the first place, respecting Dubey privacy and protocols. On the other hand, Dubey could have managed the situation better by caring a bit about Anjana’s self-respect.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Please feel free to share your opinions with me at info@gauravgulati.com.