How to Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

“If you don’t distinguish yourself from the crowd, you’ll just be the crowd.” 

A unique selling proposition (USP), also known as a unique selling point, is the crux of what makes your product/service better than your competition. 

Every brand needs to find out what sets its business apart. You cannot make any place in the ecosystem if your product or service clones your competitors. However, having a ‘killer’ USP can help you communicate to your audience what makes your product better and unique than the rest. 


1. Pen down all the features that make your product/service unique. For that, you can ask yourself the following questions

  • How is your product/service better than your competition?
  • What is your target audience looking for? 
  • How does your product/service fulfil your target audience’s needs? 
  • Does the product/service solve your customers’ problems they are dealing with?
  • Why should your customer choose your product over the competition?

2. Narrow down your audience

You don’t need to please everyone; instead, you should narrow down your audience. Don’t try to sell your products to everybody; instead, focus on a target group of people who would benefit from the unique propositions you identified in the first step. 

3. Speak to your core group or target audience

Now is the time to communicate your unique feature to your target audience. 

4. Find out what your competitors are missing:

This is very crucial. You need to know where exactly your competitors are lagging. For example: Do they have a poor customer service department? Today’s customers want to have full support from the brand. It means you have a fairly good chance of having your competitors’ customers buying your products and services. 

Is their product not available on all the platforms? That means you have a great chance to make your place on those platforms. Any such gaps can be your opportunity to stand out! 

5. Show your customers that you care 

More than your products and services, your customers are interested in knowing how much you care. Today’s customers are smart. Now, you must know your customers’ hopes and desires and reassure them that you’re going to resolve all their problems. Today is the time to build trust and confidence in your brand with your customer to sustain this cut-throat competition. 

Your USP can help you stand out amidst your competition. That is why it’s imperative to create a Killer USP.