Notable Authority

We live in an era where more than anything, branding and positioning yourself has become a necessity. However, with the development of technology, positioning yourself as an expert is one of the most complicated things to do. However, a lot of people believe that they have managed to position themselves as experts, which is not true based on several parameters.

According to research, the authorities and experts will only be able to survive this dog eat dog competition in the future, and the mediocre will find it difficult to sustain the same.

There are numerous benefits of positioning yourself as an authority. As a professional, when you position yourself as an authority in a market place, you attract opportunities. You also get yourself exposed to numerous wonderful things that you have never imagined. This book consists of all the steps you need to know to become a notable authority in your respective industry. The chapters are positioned step by step. Besides, this book also gives you an insight into how to increase your brand awareness.

The book is packed with 100s of examples and other social media stuff (like hashtags, calendar, questions, etc.) that you require in today’s scenario to position yourself correctly across online and offline platforms. I wrote this book during COVID 19 pandemic, realizing that more and more people need to position themselves as an authority to sustain the market where billions of people are losing their jobs.

I have helped many experts position themselves; I hope this book helps you also achieve your desired goal to become a notable authority!