Personal Brand Assessment: Questions To Ask Yourself Today

As a bit of my background, I work on many brands for a living. In my part as the owner of a PR & Branding company, I have worked with lots of clients on branding matters over the course of years to assess, bolster or make the brand for their service, products, cause or firm. Let’s use some of those similar high impact personal brand assessment. (Note, it might be useful to take your ego out of this exercise by considering in terms of the brand you in its place of you.

Brand Recall – What do a person think, believe, feel and remember about your personal brand? What do your buddies and co-workers feel, think, believe and remember about your personal brand? Are you well known? Are you memorable?

Brand Affinity – The degree to that clients have positive regards for your personal brand; the loyalty and caring that clients feel ahead of a brand. Do people love the brand you? Are you genuine, likeable, and trustworthy? Do you’ve loyal followers?

Brand Reach – The number of people and your personal brand reach; when it arrives to brand you, what is your reach? How many people’s contacts are in your directory? How many Facebook buddies you’ve and how Twitter followers or how many joiners to your blog? If you mapped the areas of these tribes, how narrow or board is your reach? Is it weak or strong? Find it now!

Brand Equity – The value, the worth of the intangible asset; an active parameter which changes with each client interaction and with each related news report. How might you measure this and what’s a brand you worth? 

Brand Position – A sole, lasting, mental reference spots for a brand which conveys its uniqueness and provides an emotional link point. What’s a personal brand you uniquely known for? How are you located? Why not ask 40-50 of your buddies, contacts and find out.

If you’re concerned about the strong personal brand, please take ask yourself these questions today.

With the use of personal brand assessment questions, you can take your personal brand assessment and start creating a stronger and a more effective Brand You!