Proven Ways To Enhance Your Brand Awareness With Killer Videos

Your brand needs popularity to sustain itself in a stiffly competitive marketplace. Driving brand awareness is essential for consistently roping in new customers, maintaining the prestige of your business, and facilitating better market exposure through word-of-mouth promotion.

Sales and revenues grow exponentially as people start recognizing your brand and associating it with products they intend to purchase.

You can pull this off decisively with video marketing. A brand should know exactly who they are trying to entice with their promotional video. You can use online video tools that have promo video templates to speed up editing.

Increase Awareness About Your Brand With Videos

Videos you shall deploy for promoting your brand must reflect a consistent tone across all touchpoints. Your brand’s vision and cherished values need to shine through videos with uniformity in colours and thematic hues.

This will make people intuitively relate the video’s content with your brand, even if the logo is missing.

Send across your message through compelling videos that contain:

  • A coherent voice
  • Identical colour palette
  • Uniform Fonts
  • Similar style of presentation
  • Resembling design elements

Visually defining your brand with recognizable aesthetics is critical for raising awareness in a marketing ecosystem where numerous brands are vying for customers’ attention.

Once you have finalised the homogenous appearance of your brand, it becomes necessary to dwell on ways to unleash and leverage the explosive potential of videos in raising brand awareness. You can make an impactful statement of your views through videos by adhering to the points outlined below.

Define Your Targeted Lead Segment

If you want to engage and convert leads quickly, you need to define your videos’ audience first. Brainstorm on the persona of your audience and categorise them based on:

  • Age
  • Demographics
  • Social status
  • Economic well-being
  • Online platforms most frequented
  • Past purchasing history
  • Triggers that inspire them to react strongly to your CTA (call-to-action), etc.

Once the ideal viewership has been established, start feeling their pulse by figuring out:

  • Things that excite them
  • Information they seek
  • Relevant problems they want to troubleshoot with particular products/ services
  • Cues that make them respond faster
  • Ideas that resonate with them better

Engage in intensive marketing research for gathering optimum actionable information. Make videos that incorporate your finding and compliment the traits of your ideal customers. This will help raise brand awareness faster.

Create Unique And Immersive Content

Online platforms are saturated with video content. To make your voice heard, you need to create videos with content that has the following characteristics:

  • Originality of approach
  • Caters to the short attention span of the audience
  • Conveys crucial information in the opening section
  • Can be shared with ease
  • Loads faster on all devices
  • Remains etched in memory for long

Evokes specific emotions with absorbing atmospherics Refrain from using generic graphics, trite and destructive content in videos. Be bold and emphatically present your brand’s views to drive optimum awareness.

Unique content is commented upon, liked, and shared the most. Original videos become viral in no time.

Keep It Concise

The ideal length of an engrossing video meant for online audiences is anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. 69% of viewers like watching shorter brand-oriented videos as they find the experience more authentic.

Further, people are always running short of time and want to view content that can instantly gratify their senses.

Visually appeal to your audience with videos that don’t carry an overdose of information. Focus on the witty and quirky aspects of content to hold their attention. Convey only one vital message in a video to motivate viewers to watch the video all through and act favourably to your CTA.

With the help of promotional video maker tools, you will be able to increase leads, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Connect With Audience Through All Digital Touchpoints

Your brand’s visibility and credibility-building exercise will gain impetus only when you promote your business aggressively with thematic videos across all online platforms. Post your videos and tweak them suitably based on the feedback from analytical tools on platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Marketing emails
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

Make Your Videos Mobile Responsive

The total count of unique users accessing the internet through mobile devices was a staggering 4.32 billion in 2021. This accounted for 90% of global internet users. 55% of total web traffic originates through mobile devices, and the percentage is continuously increasing. You can enhance your brand’s outreach by creating responsive videos that are:

  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Capable of intuitively adjusting their dimensions to adapt to viewers’ screen size

Add Captions To Video Whenever Possible

A recent Verizon study reveals that 69% and 25% of video viewers watch with muted sound in public and private places, respectively. Further, videos with captions spark the interest and curiosity of 80% of audiences.

Hence, to grab more eyeballs for your videos, use captions optimally.

Video Types For Driving Your Brand Awareness

You can make a maximum number of targeted leads familiar with your brand using the video formats outlined below.


Vlog stands for Video Blog. With vlogs, you can answer the frequently asked questions of potential customers in an authoritative tone highlighting your brand’s expertise. You can also have influencers talk about the positives of your brand.

Incorporate short and long-tail keywords discreetly in the title and description of your vlogs. Vlogging on popular social channels like YouTube will make your brand’s presence more pronounced.

Explainer Videos

Such videos explain to prospective customers the specifications, functionalities, advantages, and other features of your brand’s products or services. Communicate your brand’s message, vision, and sincere approach to help out customers with short and captivating videos.

Engage in storytelling, evoke strong emotional feelings in audiences, and motivate them to explore more about your brand after watching the video.

Pre-Roll Videos

The pre-roll snippets are typically a few seconds long and prefix pertinent online videos. You need to pay the online platform to showcase the pre-roll before suitable video content.

Always embed CTA strategically in such videos so that viewers can click on the same and discover more about your brand.


Videos are super-effective in spreading the word about your brand like wildfire. Never compromise with the quality of the video, and always create content after feeling the pulse of targeted audiences.

Never assume that your content will always go down well with audiences. Rely on metrics and analytical feedback of traffic measurement tools to visualise the efficacy of videos.

If necessary, hire the services of professionals for creating show-stopper and engaging videos. After all, the reputation of your brand will be at stake. Gain a competitive advantage for your brand by increasing its awareness among the online population with cool and immersive videos.