Public Relations: The Dos And Don’ts For Starting Your Small Business

You may have an amazing product, or a state of the art piece of technology, or a restaurant that provides the best quality eats money can buy. But if the world can’t see or hear you, it is all put to waste. 

Here are some ways we here at Brander can help you on achieving all your business goals.

It Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Dedicating a huge portion of your income or resources to your press relations is a big NO especially on small businesses who are just starting out. Instead, focus your resources on building your “brand” and your products to further expand on your target audiences. Press relations should only be utilised for big announcements on special occasions to keep your clients engaged instead of pestering them on constant small updates with the same information every time.

Share Your Story!

Showing your success is almost always a good thing! The numerous milestones in your business ventures are key in showing the growth of your business. This can show your current and future clients that their investment and patronage is secured with a company that is steadily growing. Multiple media platforms are encouraged to ensure maximum coverage to your target audience.

Don’t Stop Reading

Nobody is an expert overnight. Always be well informed on your product and all the stuff linked to it. Read about the current trends regarding your product. Make sure that when customers ask a specific question about your product, you and your team are well equipped in answering their queries. 

Sometimes, it is even necessary to know your competition. Learn the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses so you may know how best to use all these information to your advantage.

Don’t Take It Personally

Reporters and bloggers are our chief media contacts to get our product out there. An email and a call here and there can help BUT make sure you contact the right people on the right platform. Using personal emails and phone numbers just ensure those reporters and bloggers will never help you. 

Follow up emails are okay the first time around, but bombarding the often busy reporters with calls and emails are sometimes as bad as stalking and harassing them. Talk to them how you would like your customers to want to talk to you. Also, don’t just send the same message to every reporter or blogger you contact. 

Add a personal touch to each and every one of them to show the people you know what they are capable of doing and show interest in the content that they can provide for you.

Wrapping Up

Public relations, especially for small businesses that have no dedicated PR team can seem intimidating. However, if your strategy is well organised and flexible, your message will surely land on your target audience. Well informed staff can definitely help. And most importantly, a clear picture of what success should look like for your business is key. With all that said and done, we should get started on getting you next enterprise running.