Yana Markova

Accessories & Costume Designer

Samurai warriors, chain mail, spears and head guards shaped as dragons’ jaws – Yana Markova’s illusory headwear is taking the worlds of fashion and entertainment by storm.

Yana Markova, who has always had a passion for headpieces and dramatic design, only ever creates one version of every hat or headpiece, meaning that every design is one-of-a-kind. The talented milliner, whose imagination is her number one tool, says she is often inspired by royal crowns, traditional Russian kokoshniks and kikas, head guards and Middle Eastern headbands.

Markova’s experience in accessories and jewellery design shines through in every design. Bold but intricately detailed, every headpiece tells its own unique story. Every headpiece is an object of art and Markova has become a trademark name for extraordinary, bespoke headwear in Russia and beyond.

Trained in fashion design at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in Russia, Markova graduated and then moved Moscow, where she went on to work for some of the largest designer fashion, jewellery and accessory brands for fifteen years.

The Russian designer then went on to launch her own collection, which was aptly called ‘Have No Fear!’. The collection was met with critical acclaim and Markova continued to create her fashion range before turning her attention to millinery.

‘Have No Fear!’ has become her life motto and an intrinsic part of her brand. Markova’s millinery collection has gone from strength to strength over the past two years and the incredible designer is set to become the new go-to name for millinery in Europe.

Yana Marvoka Official Website: www.yanamarkova.com