Anosh Ahmed of Houston Aids in Relief Efforts for Natural Disasters

We need more people who want to do good and have a positive impact on the world. Anosh Inc. Foundation is one such organization. They believe opportunity belongs to every community and pay attention to major events. Aside from their main mission, they focus on aiding people who are stuck in the middle of natural disasters. How exactly are they working to change the world?

In early November, headed by Anosh Ahmed of Houston, they hosted a black tie event in Houston, Texas. It was a gorgeous gala with incredible performances and surprises. All the ticket sales and donations were donated to Hawaii, Libya, and Morocco to help aid in the disasters they are facing. All donations were made to UNICEF and Direct Relief. 

The funds went to help with the following disasters:

The Libya Flood Crisis:  Mediterranean Storm Daniel caused eight months of rainfall. The eastern city of Derna was hit worst by the devastating flood, with a quarter of the city disappearing, according to the Minister of Civil Aviation. Home to less than 100,000 people, Derna was left reeling from the disaster as it took the brunt of it. The storm has wreaked havoc on Eastern Libya, leaving the region in a state of ongoing danger. The donations will directly support essential efforts underway to aid affected communities in the rebuilding and recovery process. 

Hawaii Wildfire Crisis: A catastrophic wildfire has ravaged Maui, leaving a trail of destruction and heartbreaking loss. The Maui fires stand as the nation’s deadliest wildfire event in over a century, scorching thousands of acres and claiming the lives of at least 114 individuals – a death toll surpassing any wildfire in California, where summer blazes are a frequent occurrence. Hundreds remain unaccounted for on Maui. All generous contributions will be directed towards efforts to assist these communities in rebuilding and restoring their lives.

Morocco Earthquake Crisis: A devastating earthquake measuring 6.8 magnitude struck Morocco’s Al Haouz province. It’s the strongest to hit the country in over 120 years. It was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, the largest of which reached a magnitude of 5.9. The earthquake’s impact was widespread, affecting over 2.8 million people and causing extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, and historical landmarks. Funds will support crucial rescue efforts, debris clearance, healthcare, sanitation, and mental health support.

Anosh Inc. Foundation gives hope in a world facing numerous challenges. Their commitment to helping communities and providing essential aid during times of disaster is truly inspiring. Their recent black-tie event in Houston, Texas, shows their dedication to making a positive impact, raising funds to support relief efforts in Hawaii, Libya, and Morocco. Their commitment to humanitarian causes sets an inspiring example for others to follow, encouraging a sense of unity and shared responsibility for creating a better world.