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First Digital Impression for Your Brand

Search engine optimization or SEO is among the most effective inbound marketing strategies. But, how can you tell that your site is properly search engine optimized?

Well, reaching the top of search results may be a bit difficult and if you fail to make your site visible in the first page of relevant keyword searches, chances are you will not get traffic from search engines. But, the main question is, why do you have to get to the top? How does a first page position benefit your brand and your business as a whole?

Top Position Means More Traffic

Bing, the top search engine next to Google, reported that sites on the top get 42 percent of traffic, with 11 percent going to the second and only 8 percent to the third. It clearly means that your site needs to be on top. The same thing applies to other search engines like Google. When your site is visible on the top, it means more trust and authenticity which are obvious elements for more traffic and leads.

Expanded Business Opportunities

Every time you look for a specific term on Google, you will be given 10 results on the first page. These results depend on several issues such as relevant information, Page Ranks, back links and others. This means that if you top the first page of results, this opens lots of opportunities for you and your business. However, keep in mind that reaching the top is merely half the battle as it is equally hard to stay on the top. Success of your SEO lies on whether your site can be part of the top 10 or not and whether you will keep it there or not.

Being Up There is 10 Times Better

Does your existing ranking position make you feel worried? If yes, make sure take some action to improve your position. Experts proven that when you rank on top, your business is going to be 10 times better compared to your competitors. It is reported that a web page ranking in top listing will receive 10 times more traffic than a site found on page 8, for instance.

Improve Business Authenticity

Increased search engine results page will not just improve your business but it will also make your business even more authentic at the same time. It has been proven that online visitors assume that the first several sites on search result pages are more authentic in the relevant industry. This is basically a psychological game which gives you an upper hand. However, staying on top becomes more difficult when you have lots of competitors. It doesn’t matter if you have a small local business or a large business, improved ranking will increase your business’s authenticity.

Establish a Business Image

Improved SERP means improved image to the eyes of potential clients. Since the online world is a competitive market for inbound marketers, it is not always easy to reach the top in a short period of time. However, the moment you achieve a better ranking position, you don’t have to chase success because success will be the one to knock on your door. But, for your business to gain a respectable image among customers and competitors alike, you will feel the pressure of making your site rank among the initial 10 web results.

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