Genuine Leather No More Sounds Luxury

Because of the increased demand from different animal protection groups, the world of fashion is making major progress away from leather, fur, and down to endangered skins. There are remarkable gains in creating new vegan materials.

Adopting a plant-based lifestyle is now on the rise, and people consider the best creative alternatives to animal-derived materials. It’s high time for brands to start using cruelty-free or vegan materials because vegan is the latest and new name of classiness and luxury.

What is Vegan Leather?

With the popularity of vegan materials, vegan leather is basically a vegan alternative to genuine leather. It includes formulas with acrylic, microfibers, polyamides, and much more. Some of the renowned kinds of vegan leather are Birko-Flor, Birkibuc, Vegetan, PVC, Kydex, and Lorica. 

The Rise of Vegan Fashion: 

Since many people are fighting for animal rights, it is not long ago, which forced luxury brand designers to change their materials while maintaining elegance and class. However, with the known luxury brands incorporating vegan materials, vegan fashion will find its way on luxury.

Many people were excited about the rise of vegan materials because they don’t have to be guilty as when using clothes or bags made from genuine leathers, which are produced by killing animals. Today’s vegan materials are wool-free knit alternatives that are made from sustainable materials such as corn, bamboo, soy silk, and olefin. Even the traditional silk was replaced by bamboo, jute, hemp, banana silk, and some natural and non-animal materials.

How Fashion Brands React to the New Vegan Fashion Trend?

Several manufacturers are aware of the concerns when it comes to leather production and vowed to use only natural tanning processes, and vegetable dyes. Some brands are also using alternative leathers including eel and fish skins, which are typically thrown away as waste in the process of food production.

Vegan Fashion is the New Image of Luxury and Classy

Whether you are one of those who protect the animal rights or you always follow on the latest fashion trend, vegan fashion can make a difference in the world of fashion. It doesn’t just save animals from cruelty, but also it offers a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford luxury brand items. Things that are made of vegan materials are much affordable compared to genuine leather-made products. So, if you want to save the animals and stay updated with the latest fashion trend at the same time, vegan fashion is now the new thing in the industry that you should not just neglect.