What is Brand Identity

Brand Identity is one of the most crucial thing for your brand! It’s the one thing that builds your brand and helps customers remember it all the time. Brand Identity is the information that makes your brand pop up in the customer’s mind whenever they think about something related to your products or services. For example, if you think about beverages, you probably think about Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite.

Brand identity originates from an association, i.e., an organization is in charge of making a recognized item with unique attributes. It is the manner by which an association tries to make itself recognizable. It speaks to how an association needs to be seen in the market. An organization carries its identity to the purchasers through its branding and showcasing practices.

A brand is unique because of its identity. Brand identity incorporates the following components – brand vision, brand culture, situating, uniqueness, connections, and presentations.

Therefore, Brand Identity is crucial if you want to keep your brand alive. It is something that no other organization can replicate and the quality that makes you different from them.