Interview Questions For Consultants, And Why Consultants Should Say “YES” To A News Media Interviews

There are umpteen myths around the consultants. One of the biggest myths is that consulting is all about advice. No, it is much more than that. Consulting includes a lot of activities, and all those activities are done differently, as per the requirements of the clients. Effective consulting includes implementation of strategies, interviews with partners, supervising the team as well as handling the clients. 

Whether you’re an independent consultant or a Fortune 100 company consultant, branding is integral to your identity. As an independent consultant, you are your company, and establishing a strong personal brand is essential for your growth and success. 

Everybody needs personal branding so as consultants to attract more clients and opportunities you need to brand yourself. Personal branding can take a few weeks to a few months but one of the best ways to showcase your personal brand is through interviews. 

As a personal branding consultant I keep telling my clients, never ever say no to interviews whether it is a TV interview, magazine interview, newspaper, blog or radio interview… just say YES! Interview is the best way to showcase your personal brand to the world, it is your opportunity to tell the world who you are, what you do and how you are different. Most importantly these interviews position you as an expert and give you recognition.

Below are the interview questions for marketing consultants, interview questions for HR consultants, interview questions for management consultants, interview questions for business consultants and for almost all kinds of consultants. I hope these questions will give you an idea of the kind of questions you can be asked during a tv/magazine interview.

  1. What inspired you to become a consultant? 
  2. According to you, what consists of a fit interview?
  3. Do you think the job of a consultant is easy?
  4. How tough it is to become a consultant?
  5. Do you think anyone can become a consultant?
  6. What qualities a person should have to become an expert in this field?
  7. What is the scope of this profession?
  8. Why big companies hire consultants?
  9. Do you think businessmen need consultants?
  10. According to you, what interviewers look for in consulting interviews?
  11. Being an expert in the field, what would be your advice for upcoming consultants?
  12. Do you think consultants are required in every job?
  13. Do you agree that in the field of management consultants are required the most?
  14. Can it confused if an organization is having many consultants?
  15. Why do you think this profession is booming in our country?
  16. Do you think consultants would be as famous as any other celebrity in future?
  17. What is the one thing you love about your profession?
  18. One thing you dislike about this profession.
  19. What are the changes you are to bring in this field?
  20. Do you think it is easy to bring?
  21. How can a student start working in this field?
  22. Do you think it is a good profession to be a part of?
  23. How much time consuming this job is, according to you?
  24. Why do you think so many people want to become consultants?
  25. As you are a role model of so many, who is your role model?
  26. How do you feel after getting so much success?
  27. Do you think it is stressful to be a role model?
  28. According to you, what is the job of a role model?
  29. Do you agree that sometimes people have a lot of expectations?
  30. What is your advice for those who need to improve leadership skills?
  31. Do you think it is easy to achieve deadlines?
  32. How can wannabe consultants learn about time management?
  33. What is one piece of advice you would like to give to upcoming consultants?
  34. One thing consultants should not do.
  35. One thing consultants must do.
  36. Which is the one book that you suggest to all who aspire to be in this profession?
  37. Name 3 favorite books of yours.
  38. Which movie upcoming consultants should watch?
  39. Which channel can help them improve their craft?
  40. According to you, what is the value of communication skills?
  41. How can a person improve communication skills?
  42. What factors a person should consider to address client’s problem?
  43. How to satisfy a client?
  44. What is more important – money or client?
  45. Do you think it is easy to satisfy a client?
  46. How to handle a client who is rigid?
  47. Do you think client management is important?
  48. What is the biggest change you foresee in this profession?
  49. What is the one reason that you think you are surviving in this field?
  50. Do you think there is any discrimination in this field on the basis of gender?
  51. What is the biggest change you see in yourself after all these years?
  52. Things you like to do in your leisure time.
  53. Things you do to keep yourself calm.
  54. How do you keep yourself calm when this field is so tough?
  55. What solutions do you suggest to a client when he has a loss?
  56. How do you help them recover from loss?
  57. How do you win the trust of your clients?
  58. In so much of competition, what is the best way to stay at top?
  59. Do you think it is lonely to be at top?
  60. What do you think about your competition?
  61. Who is your competition?
  62. Do you like to read?
  63. Do you like to write?
  64. What makes you different from others, according to you?
  65. How do you keep yourself motivated?
  66. What would you like to say to those who are demotivated?
  67. How do you present your solution to the client?
  68. Do you think presentation matters?
  69. How tough it is to make people believe in you?
  70. Do you get enough time to spend with your family?
  71. When was the last time you went on a vacation?
  72. Who is your celebrity crush?
  73. Why do you think so many people want to become consultants?
  74. Do you think many people take this profession as an easy ride?
  75. Is there any myth you would like to break about this profession?
  76. Do you think long-term goals are vital?
  77. What is the one thing in your bucket list that you want to do?