Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the younger member of the Kardashian family, is the inspirational billionaire for every aspiring individual. Kylie is the undisputed queen of social media. She is endorsing various brands, promoting her own company, doing ads, and keeping her brand to the top like anything.

Kylie Jenner has over 250 million followers on social media. I’ve to say that she has mastered the art of ruling social media to boost her popularity and promote her makeup line. ‘Kylie Cosmetics’, founded by Kylie Jenner, is a renowned American cosmetics company owned by her, which is valued by Forbes in 2018 at over $900 million.

Unlike most beauty and cosmetics brands with a presence on social media, Kylie doesn’t use influencers and models. She is the ultimate influencer; Kylie understands the power of the personal brand and that is why she uses her own face to exhibit her makeup range.



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Once you’ve got millions of followers all over social media, connect with online brands, and they’ll pay you the hefty amount for a single post. This is what Kylie Jenner does quite smartly. Successful personal branding happens when an individual is clear about the idea and implements it correctly with all the discipline required. Kylie Jenner, soon to be the youngest self-made billionaire, is the perfect example of how personal branding can do wonders for a person by opening new entrepreneurial ventures and more.

It is not the hidden truth that behind Kylie’s PR and management work is her mother Kris Jenner, who not only manages everything but also takes a 10% management cut from all her children. Personal branding plays a massive role in Kylie’s towering success, and she’s an inspiration for all those who want to be successful like her.

Brand Secret Ingredient: Influential Family Background & Strong Focus on Personal Branding
Approx Networth: $900 million
Instagram Followers: 126 M