Personal Branding and Brand Engagement Go Hand in Hand

Establishing yourself amid the various competitors is easier said than done. Even though you may know what your strong points are, and which factors make you unique, you need to go a step further – that of getting this across to the audience. Be it a brand, a celebrity, a politician, or a manager – you need to work towards being a success in your brand engagement techniques. So there are two critical steps to this process:

  1. Working on establishing your personal brand.
  2. Striving to retain a successful and effective brand engagement policy.

Thus, it is evident that personal branding and brand engagement depend a lot on one another, and they basically go hand in hand.

This has led to a very common tactic. That of having brands choose an important person, such as a celebrity, to boost their brand. In this way the brand would be making the most of the popularity of that celebrity in order to ameliorate their brand image. Besides, the followers and fans of that celebrity will also be seen to in this manner, and they might become interested in your brand simply because their favorite star uses it or advertises it.

This is a very popular method of brand engagement, and it is common to attribute certain celebrities with particular brands after some time. There are in fact many brands who spend millions on this form of advertising because having a celebrity act as their brand ambassador certainly boosts brand engagement, as well as the exposure and sales of that brand.

This leads me to appreciate the fact that it is almost impossible for most brands to perform well unless they devote attention to ways of attracting customers. Thus an effective personal branding campaign needs to be devised and implemented over a period of time. This applies for any business, be it small or large.

Customers and prospective customers do take notice of the people who make up your brand. Be it the sales person who greets them at the store, or the customer care agent who replies to their call or chat message, or that famous singer who advertises their product on TV – each and every person who is in some way related to your brand engagement strategies will have a critical effect on how people view your business or brand. This is further evidence that personal branding matters a lot in establishing brand engagement.