What if there is no Brand Awareness?

If your business is not known to the people, then you really need to know if you are really doing a business…

Yes, people who think that brand awareness is not important for a business and the ones who believe that the target audience is more important than anything. Then my question to them is – How will your customers know that they are your target audience or you exist in the market?

Yes, without brand awareness, you won’t ever be able to target anybody, let along the target ones. Only when your brand’s image is developed in the minds of consumers they would be able to remember you or know about your product and services.

What is Brand Awareness?
To create a distinct image of your brand among your target audience is Brand Awareness. It is very important that you create a memorable and unique brand, it will help you build brand awareness and create a long-term position in the marketplace.

Right branding helps entrepreneurs to develop the right image of a company’s products in the minds of consumers. Believe it or not, a brand that is widely known in the market builds up positive sentiment, thereby strengthening the company’s position amongst competitors.

What if there is no Brand Awareness?
90% of people think that they need to focus on their target audience, rather than brand awareness. This thought is absolutely wrong, in fact, it is a hindrance in the growth of the business. If there is no brand awareness, the target audience will fail tremendously. Hence, brand awareness is essential.

Let me explain you with an example: What do you do when you go to buy bathing soap? Of course, you choose the one that you know. Even if the salesman at the counter tries to sell you some random, unknown brand. You say ‘NO’ to it. Similarly, people who you want to target want to know your name. Your brand’s name should be in their mind, only then they would prefer to buy your product or services.

Another example is of very famous car brand Rolls Royce. Not many people know that besides cars, Rolls Royce also produced flight engines. But the brand is only famous for its cars because the aeroplane engine business was not branded the way their cars were.

Therefore, it is crucial for every business to brand itself correctly. Only when the right branding of the products is done, companies achieve desired goals.