Personal Branding in India

We all know that personal branding is essential, it is so essential that it can impact our overall existence in the industry. Personal branding can help us achieve our goals and objectives, it can help us achieve success and growth in whatever ways we want. Personal branding in India is no new term now, especially when it comes to personal branding on a digital platform, from Narendra Modi to Amitabh Bachchan, ministers to models are involved in branding themselves.

Probably they must have understood the power of technology a long ago when Twitter and other social media handles were just introduced.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first tweeted in 2009, which was kind of a check-in that read, “2nd Feb, I will be in Dahod for Gujarat Swarnim Jayanti Yatra.”

Whereas Amitabh Bachchan, the most followed Bollywood celebrity joined Twitter in May 2010, his first tweet was a reply to his son’s tweet, he wrote — “hey baby !! I made it on twitter !!! Yeeaaaaaahhhh !! … sorry.. just got carried away .. safe onward flight and love.”

Mr. Modi started using digital platforms way before many celebrities and world leaders, which makes him one of the best politician personal branding example. It is in fact, a great deal for a PM of the nation as he probably understands the benefits of using technology and staying connected to the people at the same time.

Modi has used social media successfully to shape his personal brand as a internet/technology savvy leader, aligning himself with the aspirations of a younger generation in India. Becoming the second most followed politician in the world on social media after former US President Barack Obama.

Besides celebrities, there are other people also who started using digital platforms well in time and could manage to brand themselves appropriately. One amongst them is Miss Malini Agarwal, the lady who managed to take the best advantage of Personal Branding in India.

Undoubtedly, Miss Malini is the best personal branding example in India. She is a celebrity blogger and Radio DJ. She started her blog in the year 2008 and in the same year she joined Twitter as well. She managed to position herself correctly for her expertise and took first-mover advantage, which simply means a money minting empire and strong unshakable position in Bollywood today. 

Through this article, I simply want to convey how staying ahead of time can help you achieve immense growth and success! So, Stay Ahead and Stay Updated, it is A MUST to build a robust personal brand!