International Women’s Day 2020

“Strong back.  Soft front. Wild heart. Just be you.” – Brene Brown

Out of nowhere, I got this picture. And the first thought that came in my mind is – What a splendid surprise it is, especially because I got it on the very right day!

I believe no other day could be better than today to talk about this precious picture from my life. This picture is from my childhood, which is precious because of so many reasons. First, this picture has all (my mom, my dad, my elder sister and myself). Most importantly, it has someone very special, who was famously known as the mother. Yes, you got it right, Mother Teresa is also in the picture. It was when she visited Ambala Sishu Bhawan – now known as Mother Teresa Home, on the very same day she visited us as well. The picture has two strong mothers I know, which makes this picture very special and precious!  

That was the time, when my mother was Lions Club Chairperson. I am lucky to grow up in a family where doing good deeds is the very nature of every member of the family. Good deeds are in the roots, my mother has successfully inculcated all that is needed to become a great human. Humanness is what we have learnt since our childhood and all thanks to my mother.

All those memories just came rushing back to me, even today while thinking of all those good days my eyes got lit up. Through this post of mine, I just want to wish a Happy Women’s Day to my Mom, to my sister, my wife and to every woman on the earth who are proudly handling all their roles, from mother to entrepreneur, doctor to a sister, astronaut to a great cook.

Also, I want to thank both the mothers in the picture; to the one who is no more in the world but resides in everybody’s heart because of what all she did for the society, and the one who gave birth to me and taught me to love selflessly and live selflessly!

Happy Women’s Day to all the Ladies out there!