Personal Branding Website – Step By Step Guide


Your personal brand website is your office on the web. A personal website provides the platform for you to represent yourself professionally and state your interests, passion, and the best aspect of your brand. 

Not sure if you need the personal branding website? Let me tell you; it is one of the essential mediums for you to build and position your personal brand in this digital world.

  • It enables you to globalize your reach.
  • It is more appealing to your clients than a business card or resume.
  • It gives you the platform to project yourself the way you want. 
  • It gives you the upper hand to stand out from your competitors. 
  • It creates a medium for connecting with people with common interests. 


A personal branding website is critical for everyone interested in building a digital presence. The following group of individuals need a personal website; athletes, professionals, doctors, models, artists, photographers, actors, designers, architects, lawyers, consultants, coaches, freelancers, solopreneurs etc.

  • It builds an online impression of you.
  • It is a platform to share your story, vision and mission.
  • It is a platform to showcase your portfolio, milestones, achievements, and expertise. 
  • Your audience only sees and reads what you want them to.
  • Notably, a higher-ranked website creates credibility, leading to organic traffic. 


In order to create a personal branding website, you first got to decide the domain name. 

Domain Name 
It is the URL that people can type into their web browser to access your website. You can check your options at GoDaddy, NameCheap or You can use a .com or .net, .me, or any other suffix that suits you. You do not need a website design in place for you to establish a domain name.

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Mobile Responsiveness
You have to ensure that your site design is responsive to your mobile device and desktop viewing. This tool will enable you to capture the majority share of the market.

Fast Loading Speed
Ensuring that your web host/theme provides you with a fast load page speed is essential. Most users leave the webpage if it does not load within 3 seconds. An optimized page speed contributes to a good client experience. 


Header – It should be elegant with the logo in the upper left corner.

Hero Shot – It is the primary image on your homepage. Your personal brand website should have a professional picture of you.

Call To Action – Your website page should have an objective. Your website has a simple, clear direction, easy to see and follow instructions.

Forms – These forms are essential for collecting visitors’ information. Subscription forms may appear on landing pages; a ‘’contact us’’ page. You only need to request the information you need. This page will help to boost engagement and increase conversion.

Trust Builders – These are elements that you can feature on your web page to create trust; Testimonials, Awards, Certifications, Memberships, Security Symbols, Earned Badges, Ratings, Reviews, Policy Statements, Guarantees and Media Coverages etc.

Internal Site Search – It offers prospective clients to search for content on your website.

Share Buttons – This tool makes it easy for your clients to share content via their social network account.

Follow Icons – It contains social media follow buttons to make it easy to connect on your social pages.

Webform – Your contact page should have the query form.

Footer – It is crucial to put quick access links in your website’s footer.