Ways To Find Your Personal Brand Unique Selling Proposition

Before you complete the whole picture of your personal brand, you have to outline your value proposition first. What is your unique selling point? What makes you a rare gem in a mine full of unformed diamonds? You can look at the brand of Apple. It’s understated elegance. It’s exquisite, but it doesn’t hurt your eyes with too much flashiness. Apple has a distinct target market. The company is clear with their value proposition from the start.

Putting your rare qualities front and center can help you outshine other brands in your industry. Remember that having a unique vision is not just about yourself. It is a combination of your perception and your target audience’s perception of your brand. Are you ready to begin creating your brand vision? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Embrace your authenticity
  • Know your guiding principles
  • Be passionate about your talents
  • Determine your rare qualities
  • Listen to comments from people you trust
  • List down your goals
  • Launch your plan of action 

The brand vision is a play of perceptions. How do you want your brand to be seen by people? Do you want them to look at your brand as a luxury brand? Or do you want to connect to the mass market? Your language when communicating with these two different groups should also vary.

What is it about you that is endearing to your target audience? Don’t pretend that you love high-end or haute-couture when you are comfortable with a casual style. Don’t use complicated words when you’re adept at talking in an informal way. The key word is genuine. When you have accepted that you are who you are, it will be a breeze to formulate your brand vision.

Remember that you are human and you have qualities that other humans can relate to. The mistake is to think that you are superior to your target market. They will sense that in your marketing campaigns and even in how you speak to them through your social media platforms.

You have to be comfortable in your own skin. Some people are so ashamed of their flaws when clearly some of your shortcomings make you human and relatable. Don’t hide them. If you have already discovered yourself, show yourself some dignity and show the world that you own your personality.

Allow me to walk you through this journey in redefining your vision for your personal brand. This list is going to help you move forward but don’t confuse all of these items as rules or rigid laws. Some may or may not apply to your current circumstance, and it’s up to your discretion to follow the ones that will be most beneficial to you.