What makes up a good brand name?

It’s one of the greatest decisions that a business owner has to make: what should you name your brand? And there are many factors to analyse. Should your brand name consist of a catchy word pairing, following in the footsteps of Facebook and JetBlue? Should you form a completely new word, Skype and Pepsi? Or should you be direct and to-the-point, like Free Conference Call or It Works? 

You may be thinking what makes up a good brand name? Some features of good brand names are as below:

  • It must be able to attract attention to the brand
  • It must be simple; for easy remembrance and pronunciation
  • A brand name must indeed be a meaningful or creative
  • In addition to creating awareness, must be able to create a positive picture
  • It must create certain emotions that will compel consumers to purchase the brand

Major benefit of brand names:

  • Prevents products mix-up
  • Convenient brand identification by customers 
  • It hints the prospective consumer about a brand 
  • Give additional advantage in a competitive environment
  • It drives engagement and enhances customer loyalty 
  • It makes the introduction of new product easily distinguished in a target market

Conclusion: Whatever brand name you end up using, it’s essential to remember the lasting truism of naming: A good brand name can’t make a lousy product great, but a great product can make even the most unusual name unforgettable.