What is Brand Personality?

Let us assume the brand of your business is an apple. There is a basket full of apples which indicates brand of every business in a competitive market. As a customer when you look out to make the pick, it is confusing with the lookalikes. Now if someone picks up an apple and tells you this is red, sweet and juicy if you are convinced by it, you to make the pick. This way of making the choice on basis of the behavioural attribute is what falls under the term of brand personality.

Brand personality is defined as the set of human characteristics that are associated with a brand name. The way a brand behaves or expresses itself is what Brand personality is all about. In addition to its functional benefits, brand personality is a quantifying value-add to your brand. The framework of brand personality helps businesses to pave the way its customers would feel about its product or services. As we humans showcase a varied range of behavioural attributes such as caring, fun, anger, rebel etc., so does the brand for our business would while communicating with its consumers.

Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic professor of marketing at the Graduate School of business in her study identified core brand personality dimensions which are a combination of above set of adjectives. In accordance with her study, the five core dimensions of brand personality are Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication and Ruggedness. Just like products for brand NIKE showcases athletic behaviour while car products under brand JEEP showcase attributes of adventure and ruggedness. Often people confuse the identity of a brand with its personality, however, these both are different aspects of the same side. Brand Identity is the noticeable functional elements of a brand while Brand personality is the behaviour of a brand attenuated from consumer experiences. The personality of your brand should be able to capture the attention of your consumers by converting their emotions into action and make them understand as to why should they buy from you. 

The brand which has a strong and distinctive personality has a higher rate of standing out than brands who lack it. Hence your brand personality is always capable of adding value to your brand. Let’s know in details, How is your brand personality adding value to your brand? From a brand, the net present value of the estimated future cash flow is depicted with respect to attributes of a brand otherwise the brand personality. Brand value is dependent on brand personality branding for effective branding for your business. Be it repetitive purchases or consumer loyalty are named few measures of brand value.

There are few ways your eminent brand personality is adding up brand value. Brand personality comes with a self-expressive attribute which is socially visible for a particular product or service and hence helps in creation and enhancement of a brand value.The personality of your brand brings in brand loyalty. It helps to understand the consumers which make it possible to enhance the value of the brand. It provides energy which is unique to a particular brand 

Few tips for you!!

Below are few tips for choosing a brand personality and using it to add value to your brand:

  • While creating your brand personality or enhancing it, always ensure to keep it personal.
  • Make use of video content for easy relevance.
  • Keep your personality in line with your consumers.
  • Never be afraid of testing strategies for your brand personality to come up with a strong one.
  • Make a strong presence online through contents on your website or social media.