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What is Customer Engagement?

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement refers to the connection or response that customers have when relating to a company by buying its products or services. Companies strive to reach out to customers and make sure that their experience when buying their products or services is as pleasurable as possible. With good Customer Engagement a business can hope that customer will return again in the future and make more purchases. Thus Customer Engagement can essentially be considered to be the foundation of proper marketing initiatives and managing to acquire happy and loyal customers.

In order to increase sales and profits it goes without saying that businesses should place a great deal of importance on Customer Engagement. To do this they need to make sure that they understand customers’ needs and expectations, so that the products and services that they offer indeed cater for them. Through it all it is thus important to keep in touch with customers as their needs and preferences might change. By doing so a company will be improving its reputation as well as enhancing brand loyalty.

When coming up with ways to improve Customer Engagement businesses will also need to acquire new customers in the process. However it is not only about getting as many customers as possible. They also need to be retained by ensuring that they are satisfied through proper Customer Engagement methods.

Customer Engagement is very important both for your brand positioning as well as to build a good image of your company. Truly engaged customers can be your best marketing advocates as they will be critical in word of mouth marketing and greatly influence others. This is even more crucial nowadays with the prominence of social media sites. Therefore your most important marketing initiatives should center on how to improve Customer Engagement as much as possible.