Why brands using incorrect spelling is not real creativity

Using wrong spellings for naming a brand is a widely accepted trend today. Most brands, like Flipkart, Fcuk, Quickr, etc., have used incorrect spellings to name their brands. Of course, there are reasons to do the same. The primary reason behind using wrong spelling is that you cannot trademark a word that already exists in the dictionary. It becomes a compulsion for companies to use distorted spellings to name their brands.

Another reason most brands do this is to sound unique and creative amidst their audience, as creative names are easier to remember for the audience. In my opinion, using wrong spelling is both good and bad for a brand. Of course, wrong spelling makes your brand look unique; you can differently position your brand in the market and develop a new culture. Apart from this, getting a domain name with the wrong spelling is easier.

I personally believe that brands always have an opportunity to use the correct spellings. They can use the proper spellings in their commercials in a creative way. For instance, if we talk about Flipkart, they can use a tagline like “Flip the Cart to Flipkart.” Something like this will sound more innovative and allow companies to use the correct spelling creatively and uniquely.

Undoubtedly, brands need to be proactive when naming; however, in my opinion, rather than twisting an already existing word in the dictionary to name their brands, companies should focus on creating new words. For me, distorting an already existing spelling to name a brand is not real creativity. In fact, if companies create their own unique words for their brand name, it will be real creativity. And trust me, it’s not an arduous task for any business. It can be done with ease, and the impact will be a million times better than using a distorted spelling for naming a brand.