61.8% of people believe Mahindra’s New Logo Add Value to the Brand

Mahindra has recently unveiled the ‘Twin Peaks’ logo for its SUVs. Most of us would question why brands like Mahindra change their logo when they are already well-known in the market. And it’s because of this I decided to run a brand poll to see if the new logo will add value to the Mahindra brand.

Surprisingly, 61.8 percent of people believe it will have an immediate impact on brand value. Well, the truth is that over time, you’ll need to devise a strategy to reach a new market segment or promote your brand in a new way, and changing your logo is one way to add value to your brand’s identity. And any modification in brand identity is also a great way to boost brand engagement.

Even the company says that the new logo is part of a new brand identity intended to reflect the portfolio’s evolution – the “SUVs of tomorrow.” The plan was to create a distinct identity for the SUV division within the consortium. The new logo represents where the brand has come from and where it wants to go, embodying a 75-year journey.

So, what are your thoughts on that? Do you think it will add to the brand’s value?