Brand Planning and Brand Value Go Hand In Hand

A long-established brand, many battles to achieve it and some attain it, however, behind it all are hours and hours of planning. A great brand does not come up overnight but is resultant of extensive thoughtfulness in the whole process. Be it the toddler footsteps of a brand or the overall growth, the backbone of the brand for an organization is its brand planning. The whole process of brand planning is complex, time-consuming and cost bearing.

A strong brand achieved through phases of planning and research is with better brand equity and increased trust value. It is popularly known that extensive brand planning enhances the overall value of a brand.

Let’s read through to be able to understand the relationship that lies behind the brand value and its planning. Before understanding its importance towards the value of a brand, what exactly is brand planning? A well-written brand plan helps an organization to set a desired direction and tactics revolving around the brand which is required for implementation in achieving the set goals.

Hence, Brand planning is defined as the process which considers varied regulations which would ensure smooth implementation of the brand to meet customer as well as business needs. Planning is that disciple of branding which sets a clear course of action to attain specific brand goals.

Through planning, accountability of work deliverables can be attained which would as a whole define the brand. Be it conducting internal and external audits to knowing the weakness or strengths of a brand, studying customer engagement with the brand or simply determining the goals of a brand is what planning is all about.

There is no definite process which defines brand planning but is the result of continuous brainstorming among relevant stakeholders and by accessing information available. Evaluating the need and position of the company and how to communicate it to its consumers, all come under brand planning

Wondering? How would we implement it in enhancing the value of a brand? The fulfilling rational and emotional experiences which a brand can create are perceived as the value of a brand. This complete value creation process with a better understanding of the financial impact of investments and market return comes under the head of brand planning in an organization.

A strong brand value which is aligned with the organization’s products achieved through effective planning process can lead to desired brand experience among customers. This statement very clearly states the effectiveness a brand plan can create the value of a brand. In short, they are inter-dependent on each other. Value of a brand is the starting point of the work any business does and how to begin and reach the destination is where brand planning comes into the picture.

The planned and structured approach to value creation of a brand begins with marketing programme investment, studying the customer mindset along with market performance and the market capitalization. What overall perception a customer has about your brand is your value and it needs to stay consistent and in order for it to stay as such one need to keep evolving the brand through the effective brand planning process. Hence brand planning adds value to the brand of your organization  

Here are a few tips for effective brand planning towards an everlasting brand:

  • Begin by defining an objective of the brand and keeping up with it. 
  • Always keep the process in alignment to target audiences
  • Create timelines and adhere to the same
  • Keep the plan detailed with a thorough analysis of the market
  • Be adaptive to changes.
  • Evaluate, make changes and repeat should be the motto of your planning process.