Personal Branding Statement Examples

For personal branding one has to consider several aspects, which leads to strong successful branding. However, the most important amongst all those aspects is the brand statement. 

When we talk about personal branding, a lot needs to be done to build a strong personal brand. And the most important aspect of building a personal brand is the statement. Just like any brand personal brands also have their brand statements, which speak about the person and their values. 

It is crucial that a personal brand has an audacious statement which clearly defines who you are and what you can do. 

What is a Personal Brand Statement?
A personal branding statement is a catchphrase that talks about the expertise one possess and how one can make a difference. Your personal brand statement should be so crux that people can immediately relate or associate with that and can understand how you will be of benefit to them. The catchier it is the more recognizable it becomes. 

How to create a Personal Brand Statement?
However, to come up with a unique and catchy statement is a task. While you create your personal branding statement make sure it is short, crisp, clear, strong, descriptive, unique, and catchy. YES, all at the same time. Because people reading your brand statement should know exactly what you can do and what you specialize in. Also, it should spark the reader’s curiosity and make them want to know more about your services.

For instance if you are a life coach, then your personal brand statement can be something like this: “I help people and organizations to find transformational clarity & thrive.”

Or a personal trainer can have his personal brand statement like this:
“I am a personal trainer, specializing in weight training and mobility.”

While creating a brand statement for yourself make sure you are concise, honest, targeting the right audience, carefully choosing the right words and arranging them the right way, thereby making your self-impression the other’s impression and getting your message across effectively. 

Your personal brand statement should be a reflection of yourself and your abilities.