Harley Davidson Is One of the World’s Most Engaging Brand

Harley Davidson is considered one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Whether a person has ridden one of its motorcycles or planning to buy one, it does not matter. Its brand name evokes devout loyalty of customers and brand loyalty with faithful followers.

 How does Harley Davidson continue to Maintain Strong Lifetime Bonds It Has Built with Its Customers?

First of all, it starts with building the finest products. Harley Davidson might have one of the loyal followings across the globe, yet it could all but evaporate once the performance and quality of their motorcycles declined significantly. Beyond its brand, the challenge for every dealership is greater since they’re focused on trying to gain customer’s loyalty and trust in their locations. After ensuring a high standard of its product, the brand can focus on growing and maintaining relationships with its best customers. Majority of companies know their best-selling locations and products, yet they do not know who their customers are.

The dealerships of Harley Davidson can track their customers on different dimensions through analyzing and collecting data across their channels. Therefore, they can identify easily, motivate, and reward their top customers while motivating loyal customers.

The big challenge related to the brand of Harley Davidson is that the product is usually a once in a lifetime purchase for the majority of customers. It means that the dealers need to extend their customers into some products and services to increase lifetime value. It leads to questions like what customers need or what kinds of customers make trade-ins for the newer models? These questions are what the dealers of Harley Davidson answer with customer intelligence, which lead to a strong lifetime bond with its customers.

What Some Brands Can Learn from the Focus of Harley Davidson on Existing Customers?

The focus of Harley Davidson on their existing customers proves that there’s always room for improvement regardless of how strong the affinity for the brand. Even if the top 20% of the customers drive 80% of revenues for numerous companies, the average budget for marketing allocates 80% to customer acquisition mistakenly and only 20% to customer retention. The brands have to realize the value in motivating and retaining the existing customers economically to achieve success.

Instead of concentrating on short-term profits from getting new customers, every brand must focus on establishing long-term loyalty through customers they have acquired already. Through rewarding and engaging customers to be brand advocates, the company can strengthen its relationships and make new ones. It may be done through the VIP events, referral programs or social media. The key is increasing engagements with successful clients and encouraging advocacy on the brand.

How Personalized Engagement and Data Management Help Harley Davidson in Keeping Up with the Changing Customer Behavior?

Brands should know that customer behavior changes constantly. Each customer has a unique buying threshold as well as the perception of value. They’re engaged and motivated differently. Consumer management technology allows Harley Davidson to view all of its customers through a holistic view. Marketers can determine unique behaviors, enabling Harley Davidson to drive desired actions and implement personalized engagements.