Interview Questions for Dancers & Choreographers

Every person in this universe owns a hobby but very few successfully execute it into their profession, and dancing is among the world’s most renowned professions that usually being as a hobby. Everyone should focus on personal branding, and an interview is an excellent opportunity for dancers and choreographers to position their personal brand strongly.

Yes, like every other profession, personal branding for dancers and personal branding choreographers is essential. If you are a professional dancer, this blog is the perfect place for you to know what questions can be asked during the interview:

1. How did you become a dancer? Please tell us something about your journey.
2. Any suggestion you would like to give to upcoming dancers?
3. How do you make sure you stay fit and strong enough to perform?
4. Don’t you think the profession of a dancer is quite demanding?
5. Do you think anyone can dance?
6. Which is your favorite place to dance?
7. Tell us about the show where you loved performing the most.
8. Tell us about one show where you didn’t enjoy much to perform.
9. Describe the best performance you’ve ever put on. What did you learn from it?
10. Is there any moment when you have disagreed with your choreographer?
11. How do you handle your fame?
12. Do you think your life has become tough after becoming a famous dancer?
13. How do you manage time for your family?
14. Which are your favorite dance forms?
15. According to you, what important traits a dancer should have?
16. Have you ever forgotten the dance steps during a performance?
17. Tell us about any funny incident you have had with your fans.
18. Who is your favorite Dancer?
19. What would you like to say to your fans?
20. Which are the places you are going to perform next?
21. As fitness plays an important role in the life of dancers, do you also prefer any specific diet?
22. Do you think you have a photogenic face?
23. How do you handle your stardom?
24. How many hours do you sleep?
25. Are you an early riser or a night owl?
26. Do you like to read books?
27. Who is your favorite author?
28. Which is your favorite holiday destination?
29. How many hours do you practice dancing?
30. Tell us about your first experience when you performed on stage.
31. Do you get nervous before going to the stage?
32. How do you keep yourself strong in low moments?
33. Who is your inspiration?
34. Do you have any role model?
35. How do you define your struggle?
36. What inspires you to give your best each day?
37. What kind of struggles you have gone through before becoming a successful dancer?
38. Do you consider anyone as your competitor?
39. How do you feel about being a role model for so many people?
40. What things make you feel happy?
41. What reason do you consider behind your success?
42. Do you like to play sports?
43. Do you think the dancing industry is changing?
44. Do you think you have arrived when you see yourself on the front cover?
45. What kind of books you like to read?
46. Do you like to use social media a lot or not?
47. What are the 3 things you still want to do in your life?
48. What are the things you first notice in the opposite sex?
49. Describe the day when you are not working.
50. What is your favorite drink?
51. Who is your favorite sports personality?
52. Who is your favorite movie star?
53. Which is your favorite movie?
54. Three things in your bucket list?
55. Any song you are listening on loop?
56. What advice would you give to budding dancers?
57. What is your favorite season?
58. Tell us 3 Instagram accounts that we should be following?
59. Which is your favorite social media site?
60. Do you think you have any secret talent?
61. Anything you binge-watched recently?
62. Which is your favorite web series on Netflix?
63. What do you think about Dance reality shows?
64. Would you like to become a judge in any reality show?
65. If got a chance, would you like to work in movies?
66. Has your perception of dancing profession changed over time?
67. If you could any country other than the country you are living in, which country it would be?
68. Do you think masses are losing interest in traditional forms of dancing?
69. Traditional or Western dancing – which one do you prefer the most?
70. How do you describe your work ethic?
71. Do you plan your career?
72. What is the reason behind your fitness?
73. Do you consider yourself a foodie?
74. What are your upcoming shows?
75. How do you bring so much flexibility in your body when you dance?
76. As a dance teacher what is the skill that one needs to work successfully?
77. Tell us a little bit about your background.
78. When did you know that you were interested in an offbeat, unconventional and uncommon career such as Dance?
79. When did you decide to take up dance as a profession?
80. After you finished training in dance, what did you do?
81. What made you decide to come back to India and set up a dance school here?
82. You are known for teaching your students not only how to dance but to live life through dance. Any comments?
83. Your style of teaching is influenced a lot by African dance and music. How did that happen?
84. How did you get into choreographing movies?
85. Which one of your choreographies is the closest to your heart and why?
86. Your latest movie to hit the screens was XYZ. How was your experience working with the cast and crew?
87. What’s your message for all the aspiring dancers/choreographers?
88. As a dancer and an artist, why do you love the choreography and invest so much of yourself into your work?
89. Why is choreography so central to dance – for the dancer, the audience and the dancemaker?
90. What drew you to ballet as a boy?
91. To what extent has your classical dance training at the XYZ Dance School helped you develop your own contemporary /choreographic style over the years?
92. What is a typical day for you when you are in production?
93. What is it like dancing with your wife? 
94. Your dance choreography has been inspired by studying human anatomy, yoga, pilates and massage. What does this bring to the dance experience?
95. How does age impact the dancer?
96. What have been the greatest challenges in your dance/choreography career?
97. Would you say dance is undergoing a renaissance at the moment?
98. What advice would you give a young dancer at the beginning of their career?
99. Will you always animate your dance productions with special lighting and music? How important are they to the overall work?
100. What is your favorite style of dance?
101. I understand that you have been belly dancing since age 11. What drew you to belly dance at such a young age? Tell us the story of how you got interested in this dance, and how you got started!
102. So you were a professional belly dancer! How did you get into that line of work? 
103. What do you think it is about dancing that makes people so happy?
104. Can you tell us about your journey as a belly dancer: some trials and tribulations you went through, or some of your biggest wins or proudest achievements?
105. In what ways has belly dance changed you as a person? How has it impacted your life?
106. What are your favorite aspects of this dance today, after all these years of experience in this dance? 
107. Your technique is absolutely out of this world! Can you tell us about your regular practice routine? How is it structured, how do you practice, and what do you prioritize in your practice?
108. What “genre” of music do you love to dance to the most? (Baladi, megeance, classic, drum solo, folkloric…)
109. Are you artistic in other ways? What are other artistic talents you possess?
110. How long have you have been living and performing in Egypt now? Egypt is a place that many professional and aspiring professional belly dancers dream to perform in, and yet it can be a difficult place to survive and thrive in, especially as a dancer. How has your experience been, so far… living, performing, and taking in the culture there? What’s the best thing about it? What’s the hardest thing about it?
111. What is your biggest advice for a beginner who wants to achieve amazing, controlled and fluid isolations like yours? Or for an experienced dancer who feels they have plateaued in their technique?
112. Who are your favorite dancers, and who are the dancers that most influenced you and your dancing? This goes both for dancers you are simply inspired by, as well as dancers you have studied with.
113. What do you see or hope as being the future of belly dance, in and out of Egypt?  
114. What is next for you in your dance career?
115. Hard work vs. talent. What’s your take on this? Is belly dance an innate skill, or can anyone learn it with hard work?
116. How did you get into dance/hip hop?
117. How would you describe your dancing in three words?
118. If you could dance for any hip-hop star who would it be, and why?
119. What are some things you have done in the dance scene in Korea?
120. Finish this sentence: The future is …?
121. Do you have any words of inspiration for other dancers that may have a similar path?
122. What made you come to the U.S/why New York City?
123. How was your career progression in Kuchipudi?
124. You are famous for your stamina & for holding a pose for a considerable time. Do you take a special diet, do special exercises for that?
125. What difference do you feel in today’s dancers as compared to the old school style?
126. How many male dancers in the US learn Bharatanatyam from you?
127. What do you think of the present-day students of dance?
128. Do you think the classical styles should not be tampered with?
129. What is one style that is evergreen among the various classical dance forms?
130. What do you think about dance as a profession in India?
131. What are the courses required to be a professional dancer?
132. At what age should a student start off preparing to be a professional dancer?
133. What do you think of contemporary movements in Indian dance?
134. Since the number of dancers has increased, so have the number of teachers. How do you rate them?
135. What got you into classical dancing?
136. Which classical dancer(s) inspire you?
137. What do you like about classical dance specially Odissi?
138. How is Odissi different from other classical dance forms and why did you choose Odissi?
139. How does dancing inspire you?
140. Any special moment or memorable experience in your dancing career till date that you would like to share with us?