Who is the stronger brand Tejasswi Prakash or Shamita Shetty? Over 85% of People Think… 

There have been many occasions when Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty were trending all over social media. Recently Tejasswi crossed all the lines and called Shamita an aunty (age shaming). 

Shamita Shetty’s agitated state following her disagreement and altercation with presenter Salman Khan altered the Bigg Boss 15 house in a variety of ways. Following her contact with the host, the actress became very emotional and began to cry. While Karan Kundrra sought to calm her and explain the situation, seeing her anxiety.

When Tejasswi entered the restroom, all she saw was Karan trying to calm Shamita down. She immediately walked out and was annoyed to see him there. Karan immediately came up behind her and tried to explain that he had merely gone to the restroom to floss. The former inquired why he needed to floss when he had just done so a few minutes before. And the drama continued to be a complete mess between the two. 

Bigg Boss without a drama is no Bigg Boss so just to add to that, I decided to conduct a personal brand poll between Tejaswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty.

Who according to you is the stronger brand Tejaswi Prakash or Shamita Shetty? 

According to 85.3% of respondents, Shamita Shetty has a stronger brand than Tejaswi Prakash. With such a strong public response, it appears that Mohabbatein girl is a strong contestant for the Bigg Boss 15 title.

It is not about only the poll; I have watched the entire BiggBoss Season 15. With all my experience working with various artists globally, I can surely say that without the presence of Shamita Shetty and Karan Kundra, she (Tejasswi) could not have managed to be a finalist.

Tejaswi acted cleverly and did everything to keep herself linked with Kundra and Shamita in some or the other way, but she couldn’t manage to hide her natural rude authoritative behaviour and selfishness. On the other hand, Shamita is undoubtedly a strong personal brand and has been very classy, graceful, honest, and loyal.